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Living in the wilds of Southern Tasmania, surrounded by the beautiful and brutal forces of nature, swept by the world’s cleanest air and surrounded by the great Southern Ocean, it is impossible not to be held in awe of the elements. The symbiotic relationship between the fauna and flora, the responsiveness of the deep forest to seemingly modest shifts in weather, the untamed nature of the landscape. There is an intangible interplay at work here which sees no futility, and no latitude for indolence, as each has a part to play.

Such is the ethos behind Spiritwoods. Through this venture I wish to restore a world where time is slowed and actions are purposeful; where there is no place for extraneous ingredients, mass-production, fad components or synthetic substitution. Here you will discover superior botanical formulations and healing aromatic synergies which are powerful in their efficacy and substance. Crafted in micro batches using time honoured practices and true pathways, with the utmost respect to the integrity of the plants from which they came. From the root, to the leaf, to the flower, to the seed; carefully selected to invoke the unique compositions, benefits and energies they bestow upon our state of mind, our skin and our well being.

As humanity continues to carve our niche into the 21st century, I am reaching out to those who wish to take a step back from the excessive, the mechanical, the feigned and the adulterated - our products are made for you. Crafted for those who are yearning for the thoughtfully composed, who seek to nurture their spirit and wish to reclaim their intimate conversation with nature and her primitive simplicity through their self care rituals.

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[founder + formulator]

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