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"There was already an edge of excitement to the arrival of my Spiritwoods online order, as the website's aura and language represent the unique authenticity of the product’s promise. This authenticity and unique offering more than met my initial expectation. Nicole has produced a beautiful range of products that I am unhesitantly moved to recommend to friends, family and client alike. These products hold the wild nature of the Tasmanian environment and other wild places that have proved themselves worthy to fit in with this delicate and precise choosing of botanicals for the Spiritwoods range. What makes a person go to a brand and offer a testimonial without being asked? Like me, I’m sure many of you have. Is this evidence enough of the deep beauty and value of a product? I believe deeply so. Thank you Spiritwoods. For those who find you, and reach out for your products full of clarity and an engaging mix of mystery and certainty, you are about to experience a blessing"

- Fenella, AU

"Veneficium starts sharply herbaceous, then settles on a cloud of tobacco that passes by so deeply that it constantly brushes the tops of the fir trees. Other conifers such as cedar and pine also do their work here. A flight in intoxication made like with absinthe. Beneath that you get minty smokey notes; the whole forest then wrapped in a warm cloth. That's how it feels to me. My favourite scent of this brand and an absolute recommendation"

- Philipp, DE

"Hi Nicole, I wanted to let you know how incredible I have found the range I bought from you and to thank you for creating such heartfelt products. It's not everyday you find something that captures the spirit of nature like you have and enables a city girl like me to bring it into her home. For anyone looking to infuse their lives with a fresh breath of Tasmanian wilderness I wholeheartedly recommend the beautiful Spiritwoods range"

- Tarne, AU 

"Dear Nicole, a message of support for your website regarding your Universe Salve. My husband and I are local farmers (as you know) and this product is a staple on our benchtop, it doesn't even make it into the bathroom cupboard we use it that often. Blackberry scratches, thistle punctures, burns, bites whatever, it goes on everything, it takes the pain away almost instantly and heals it so quickly. This product is an absolute godsend, I am telling everyone I know about it. You are a magician, thank you!"

- Chris, AU

"Thank you so much for my recent order and the gift you enclosed. Can I just say that your products and your website are just gorgeous - there is something incredibly comforting but also mysterious or magical about them both. I have been searching for earthy and uncommon for a long time in regards to body care and scent, keep up the great work

- Shereen, AU

"Your products are an absolutely gorgeous experience from the minute you open the box. There is an aura of serenity surrounding it which transfers to my skin when I roll on my perfume every morning and soothes my spirit. With pure delight I thank you" 

- Sanne, AU 

"I noticed you had reviews on your website and wanted to ask if you would kindly include mine. I am new to your products and was first introduced by my daughter who uses your skincare. I decided to take the plunge and purchased a some body treatment products and a full skincare kit for myself before Christmas. It has been a month now of using them everyday and I am beyond impressed with the way it has helped my skin, and that is coming from a woman in her 50s. I just wish the body oil came in bigger sizes, I love it. Since I find reviews very helpful when deciding who to entrust online, I hope this helps reach new customers for you. Honestly I can't speak to your products highly enough. Thank you once again Spiritwoods"

- Danica, AU

"Nicole has created something special. Not just in the look, smell and feel of her products but in the energy that surrounds each beautiful bottle. I have been blown away by how well my skin has responded to it. I haven't been able to use skin care in the past, and have spent a lot of money/time on various cosmetics ranging from natural to high end more toxic creams. I have sensitive skin that seems to react to everything, this is the first time my skin is welcoming all these products! Something deeper occurred too, taking the time to follow Spiritwoods' directions and rituals has made me realise that I needed to take some time for myself too. This is my new thing and no one is taking that time away from me"

- Kylie, AU

"I was entirely filled with happiness when I opened my box. All was packaged so beautifully and the handwritten note was a lovely touch, just the way things used to be. These balms are divine and I believe they've made a real difference to my practice. I've been looking for products like this for a long time, thank you so much"  

- Deborah, USA

"I came across your website when searching for natural Australian-made skin care and immediately fell in love with your range, My husband surprised me with one of your kits for Christmas (as I may have left a few subtle hints) and I must say I am very impressed. I loved that you are in beautiful Tasmania and your products are clean and pure AND actually work, which in my experience, is something many claim but seldom deliver. They all feel glorious and my skin is glowing already after a week. I could go on and on but felt that I should pay credit where credit is due so well done to you and thank you for being so obliging and walking my husband through his purchase. I'll definitely be leaving some more hints around birthday time!"

- Nicola, AU

"Thank you Nicole, your pillow spray is incredible. I always thought these types of things were hocus pocus to be blunt, but I was gifted this by a fellow nurse who was telling me about it and I have eaten my words. It has helped so much with taking the edge off shift work which never ceases to mess with my sleep. Be prepared, as we will have our whole team using it before long"  

- Pauline, AU

"Your skin products are divine! Thank you so much, my face and skin look more beautiful than it already was haha :) Seriously, they feel so nice and perfect, love them"

- Dale, AU

"My delivery arrived so quickly! And thank goodness as I was down to my last drop. It just smells transformative - opening the box is an experience of fragrant delight!! I adore the custom blend too, a new addiction for sure" 

- Janelle, AU

"I noticed most of your reviews were written by women so I thought I would write one for you for the men as I am recent a convert myself. My wife has been using your skincare for a while now and loves it, she bought a kit for me mainly to help with shaving rash and the patchy skin on my face. I was really impressed by the scent of her products initially as she has used stuff in the past that smells so perfumed it was really off putting for me. My favourite products in the pack would be the Juniper tonic and the saving face gel which I use every morning after shaving and no more rashes! I am a night shower-er so I enjoy using the bergamot lotion on my face after a shower, which before used to feel very dry after showering. I am not so great at remembering to use the face oil every night, but I do get to it at least 3 nights a week and even that seems to have helped with the patchy dryness I was experiencing. Very impressive! So there you go, I hope that helps some blokes out there not to be shy and to give this range a go for themselves. Thank you again from both my wife and I for your above and beyond customer service, no doubt we will be back"

- Nick, AU

"A couple of weeks ago I purchased your Dreamwalker Unction. I just wanted to tell you I love it! It smells absolutely divine. I also love that I can now bring more ritual / conscious intention into my dream life before I go to sleep at night.  I’ve kept dream journals my whole life so this aspect is just delightful. Ordering your hydrosols next!

- Michelle, USA 

"Where has this been all my life! I can't quite describe how your products have made me feel, they have been genuinely healing for my skin but the blends themselves more so, in a deeper sense that is hard to put into words, I'm amazed. You have some special magic here Nicole"

- Marg, AU  

"Please be free to share our emails on your reviews page Nicole. I would love to see more people make a change from synthetic to natural perfumes like I did, there is really no comparison to wearing nothing but nature on your skin. I tell my husband it is a liberating experience which I know is being dramatic but I feel so much better for it and it's another step to hopefully one day being completely cancer free. Your perfume oils are exquisite and you have been such a pleasure to purchase from. I will be a customer of yours for many years to come (because I know I will have many more years to come!!!)"     

- Steph, USA   

"You have absolutely convinced me with the cleansing dew. The smell and texture is perfect. It's been really helpful for my skin. The mask too, I am so blown away with this use of natural products. It took me a few uses to be ok with the water quantity I needed to add but now it's perfect with the help of the little pot, the cloths and brush. My skin feels fresh for the first time"

- Delphine, FR

"I am completely in love with this. I've been looking for a decent vegan lip balm for ages that actually gives some relief without feeling like I'm wearing a thick plastic slick on my lips. Smells so good too, thank you for making it"

- Angela, AU

"I just wanted to write and tell you how huge the change has been since using your Balancing Act kit on my face. I had pretty much given up using anything because my skin freaked out with everything I try, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the difference here, My face loves this stuff, I love the way my skin feels now and my partner loves the smell of it which is a bonus. I'm converted"

- Cassie, AU   

"I am so glad with my purchase, it is obvious that it has been done with carefulness and sensitivity (and it all smells sooo good). All was well packaged and arrived in very good condition in France. Thank you so much, can't wait to order again"

- Alexandra, FR

"I'm so glad I was able to purchase samples of your perfumes, as I really would have found it impossible choosing just one of your bigger bottles. Your scents are unlike anything my nose has encountered before, so different yet they feel homely somehow. It's quite a talent you possess Nicole, they are as enchanting and magical as your art. A pleasure to purchase from Spiritwoods"

- Karina, USA

"...your Elemental Balms are beautiful and I can feel the care and thought in their composition. I thought you should know that each one has found its special place in my life, I use them daily in different ways based on the herbs and oils you have blended together and how I am feeling at the time. For others, I recommend Spiritwoods blends wholeheartedly, you and your path will benefit from using them"

- Sylvie, AU  

"I am not usually one to write to a company about their products but when I unwrapped my beautifully packaged order and saw you had taken the time to add in a hand written note with your name to it, I was compelled to do so. I purchased a skincare pack and perfume oil as a gift for myself early last week as your story really resonated with me and inspired me to slow down and make more of an effort to take some time out for myself. I have since found that I actually look forward to getting ready for work so I can roll on my gorgeous perfume and then finishing work, so I can get home to use my beautiful face products. I feel thoroughly pampered and content knowing that I am using nothing but nature's gifts. Thank you for your beautiful products Nicole and also for rekindling my desire to take care of myself again"    

- Melody, AU

"So impressed by the quality of your products and the thoughtfulness behind what you create. The three tea blends I purchased are absolutely perfect, well balanced and such a pleasure to enjoy. Your immunity blend in particular is one of the best I have come across, and believe me, I have tried a great many in my time. Looking forward to trying more of your range in the future"

- Lynn, AU

"Received my package of custom blends here in London without issue and wanted to take the time to once again thank you for all your time crafting these beautiful products just for me. They are so lovely to use, really happy to have found you and your miracle potions, thank you Nicole" 

- Christine, UK

"Safely arrived here in Sweden and what a beautiful box to reveal. Your bottles contain pure magic, I can already see my skin is grateful to have such pureness upon it. Thank you"

- Sara, SWE 



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