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- artisan crafted botanical perfume oils + fixatives -

Our Rituals of Scent offerings are unlike anything you will find in a department store.  
Exclusively crafted with raw natural materials, these perfumes are quite literally hand blended from the earth...mindful microbatches of plant materials, pure extracts, resins + herbal infusions which are cured, balanced and tended to over the course of months before they are offered here. 

Botanical scents are sacred. Overflowing with their own life force. A unique combination of high frequency aromatics which, when rolled onto your skin, initiate a private dance between your chemistry and the molecules within the bottle; the tempo of which is set at a different pace for every body. The magic that results from this union is a complexly layered scent, an armour of sorts, that is uniquely intimate collaboration between you and Nature.

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