Van Diemens Smudge Bundle | Palo Santo, hand rolled Copal incense, organic Australian White Sage + Tasmanian botanicals

sacred. clearing. purifying. 


This unique gathering brings together some of the most powerful sacred materials used for centuries by various cultures in smudging ceremonies from Peruvian Palo Santo to Mayan White Copal; from Australian Eucalyptus + Tea Tree to organic White Sage.


The practice of releasing sacred smoke from burning resins, woods, aromatic herbs and plants has a primordial history, a ritual common to a great many native peoples, healers and shamans with variances unique to each culture whether seeking purification, healing, prayer, guidance or protection. The releasing of a plant's life force in this way can cleanse and banish residual stagnant and negative energies from around us, in turn rebalancing and inviting fresh energy into our life so we may move forward and fill our mind + space with our chosen intentions.


This bundle includes
- 2 x Peruvian Palo Santo sticks [Sustainable + Fair Trade]

- 2 x Hand rolled White Copal incense sticks [charcoal + pure Mayan copal resin]

- Sprig of organic Australian grown White Sage

- Proprietary gathering of aromatic wildcrafted Van Diemens Land [Tasmanian] natives including a selection of Mountain Pepper, Tea Tree, Musk Tree, Ironwood and various Eucalyptus species


Please note our bundles are made to order - each may vary slightly in appearance from that photographed due to seasonal variances in the native botanicals + is the nature of all things handmade.



"A quick shoutout to say how beautiful your Van Diemens Smudge Bundle is. The presentation reflects the love and care that has gone into your offerings. The bundle has been by my bedside table waiting for the perfect moment to enjoy, the scent that fills the air is absolutely divine...... Thank You!"

   - Olivia, AU (May, 2018)

Van Diemens Smudge Bundle



▿ Believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing benefits, Bursera Graveolens also known as Palo Santo or Holy Wood, has long been burned by Incas, indigenous people of the Andes, Shamans and medicine people for spiritual purification, energy cleansing and healing. Well known for its ability to inspire creativity, evoke protection and infuse blessings, it is a wonderful tool to use prior and during meditation, as well as setting and sealing renewed intention  



▿ One of the oldest and most well known aromatic plants used for smudging, sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans and healers for medicinal purposes. Sagebrush has healing properties with the sacred smoke used to bless, cleanse and heal the person or object being smudged, purifying both the physical and spiritual bodies. Sage can be used as an "energetic shower" to wash away unwanted influences and any clinging energies before entering a sacred space, ritual or ceremony



▿ Linked with the crown chakra, known for deepening awareness and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation, white Copal resin helps to strengthen the auric body, removing all energy blockages. Ideal for clearing negative energy from a space to make way for positive change. Copal is known to invite a positive and peaceful energy into the home and uplift the sense in times of stress 



+ In Australia, many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities collect and smoulder native Australian plants such as Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Ironwood and Acacia in smoke ceremonies to release their healing properties for particular ailments from grief to mental exhaustion, to promote overall health and physically or spiritually purify or cleanse negative energy, feelings or thoughts from a place or a person