Elemental Essences Set | Aromatherapy Chakra Body Mists 50ml

United Elements | Spiritual Aids


Sacred blends of high vibrational plants have been used for centuries as powerful ways to shift consciousness; offering distinct aromatic + vibrational affects which can influence our emotional and physical states. This gathering brings together our full range of Elemental Essences; concentrated herbal infused mists mindfully crafted to support efforts to stimulate + balance the associated energy centres of the 5 elements.


Within aromatic bases of careflly selected plant Hydrosols, these essences synergise complex blends of botanical extracts, herbal infusions + crystal essences which may be spritzed on the body, into the air, on your yoga mat, pillow or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for their selected intentions.


Complimenting our Elemental Balms, this collection of Elemental Essences provides you with a well rounded and 100% natural tool kit for your self care and spiritual pursuits.


- Terram Elemental Essence  [50ml]

- Anima Elemental Essence  [50ml]

- Ignis Elemental Essence   [50ml]

- Aqua Elemental Essence   [50ml]

- Spiritus Elemental Essence   [50ml]


Amber glass bottles. Packaged collectively in a handmade black cotton satchel. 

United Elements | Essences | Gift Set


Shake well + spritz onto body from head to toe, into the air, onto your yoga mat, pillow or anywhere you feel is best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention. Breathe in deeply.