United Elements | Balms | Gift Set

United Elements | Spiritual Aids


This gathering brings together the four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire + Water in a powerful collection of herbal infused balms, mindfully crafted for their unique energies and benefits aligning with the four elements.

Each balm is a concentrated formulation of specifically selected organic herbs and plant extracts, lifted with a proprietary blend of essential oils, united to provide targeted support in your efforts to strengthen intention, memory, clarity, grounding or divination.


Ideally anointed before ritual, yoga or meditation; the amalgams within this collection provides you with a well rounded and 100% natural tool kit for your self care and spiritual pursuits.


▿ Earth Elemental Balm   {15ml]

▵ Air Elemental Balm   [15ml]

▵ Fire Elemental Balm   [15ml]

▿ Water Elemental Balm   [15ml]


Packaged collectively in a handmade black cotton satchel. 

United Elements | Balms | Gift Set


Warm a small amount between fingers before anointing your upper chest, pulse points, inner elbow and soles of the feet as required, gently massaging into your skin. 

As the balm melds with your body heat it will activate the fragrant release of the botanical oils - a little goes a long way  



Please note our Elemental Balms are NOT suitable for use whilst pregnant.