High Priestess | Pink Lotus . Honeyed Amber . Wilted Rose

Worn as an aromatic talisman High Priestess embraces the divine feminine, an intersection of strength and sensuality. Symbolic of the deeply intuitive undercurrent of this spiritual archetype, sacred pink lotus blooms throughout, opening her petals to the warmth of sun her scent beckoning the mind into clarity and stillness, along with the hypnotic incantations of wilting roses, sweet myrrh + vanilla. Her roots cocooned within the milky waters of the subconscious infused with antique sandalwood, poplar buds + honeyed amber. 


Elements - pink lotus, sacred balsams, turkish rose, osmanthus, aged cistus

What to Expect - complex feminine floral, rich balsamic, warm + softly sweet 


Handcrafted, fully developed botanical scent in the gentle base of Australian Jojoba + Fractionated Coconut Oils.

Housed in amber glass with stainless steel roller ball.

Contains no animal products or synthetic fragrance.




High Priestess harmonises beautifully with our Animal Instinct Scent Shifter adding a distinctive warmth + alure throughout. To enhance the floral whisper of rose + night blooming Jasmine we suggest layering over Empress or Kindred to highlight + extend the rich vanilla and dark amber notes  


High Priestess | Pink Lotus . Honeyed Amber . Wilted Rose

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Apply a small amount to your pulse points {wrists, neck, inner elbows}
Gently dab your wrists together the enable to oil to settle into your skin, do not rub frantically, this friction produces heat which can change the way the scent performs on your skin.