The Hermit | Tarragon . Liatrix . Earth

This conjuration is one of comfort and shrouded warmth in times of secluded introspection; a tribute to the earth and the archetypal powers of The Hermit.


A venerable scent of familiar solitude ... warm bare skin under a cloak of sweet herbal comfort ... barefoot wanderings beneath a canopy of eucalypt + dogwood ... sweat stained tatters ... plump raisins in a pocket ... soil between the toes ... damp hay thatched roof ... dust covered cedar shelves ... open apothecary jars wafting with liatrix, flouve + sun-cured juniper ... coumarin moss ... waxen floor of powdery bitter earth.



Elements - tarragon, flouve, cedarwood, hay, immortelle, soil, tonka, tree moss 

What to Expect -  warm, agrestic, sweet herbaceous, earthy  



Handcrafted, fully developed botanical scent in the gentle base of Australian Jojoba + Fractionated Coconut Oils.

Housed in amber glass with stainless steel roller ball.

Contains no animal products.





The Hermit naturally layers with our earthy Tarkine Scent Shifter for velvety mossy depth. Piracy also makes a curious companion to add a subtle boost to the herbaceous heart notes or try The Drawing Room to emphasise the dried hay/tobacco warmth through the base.  

The Hermit | Tarragon . Liatrix . Earth


Apply a small amount to your pulse points {wrists, neck, inner elbows}
Gently dab your wrists together to enable the oil to settle into your skin, do not rub frantically, this friction produces heat which can change the way the scent performs on your skin. 


+ Take alchemy into your own hands and layer with a selection from our Scent Shifters