Terram | Earth Element |  Root Chakra

for grounding . security . connection 


There are many ways we may bring about balance in our lives, in our personal spaces and in our energy centres. Synergies of essential oils, flowers and specific plants are a powerful way to shift our consciousness, offering distinct aromatic + vibrational affects which can influence our emotional and physical states, and open portals for spiritual awareness + clarity.


This concentrated blend has been mindfully crafted to balance the root chakra and assist with realigning the positive and primal correspondences of the Earth element which include contentment, intuition without awareness, grounded stillness + a healthy connection to our instinctual body.


Within a calming base of Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol, Terram synergises a complex blend of over 20 botanical extracts, herbal infusions + crystal essences which may be spritzed on the body, into the air, on your yoga mat, pillow or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention.


Key Elements

Ruh Khus, dark Patchouli, Myrrh, Violet Leaf, Vervain, Oakmoss, Smoky Quartz 



earthy, woody, spice 






" I purchased all five of the Elemental Essences--highly recommend you do too! I've used all five mists across different contexts to draw out what's needed and to support me in my day to day and deep healing work. Each mist is entirely distinct--and all aromas are marvelous!"

    - Marilyn  (November 2018)


Terram . Elemental Essence | grounding. primal connections. contentment


Shake well + spritz onto body from head to toe, into the air, onto your yoga mat, pillow or anywhere you feel is best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention. Breathe in deeply.




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