Terra Facial Exfoliating Dust

Botanical Exfoliating Treatment for all skin types

polish. cleanse. refresh.


Harnessing the natural healing properties of ancient grains, organic herbs, Australian clay and plant powders, this finely milled exfoliating powder gently and effectively works to  

- banish tired surface cells

- lift impurities

- even skin tone + improve vibrancy of complexion

- effectively promote circulation and cell renewal without the use of synthetic beads or harsh scrubbing


Designed to be activated by you upon use within your weekly treatment ritual, each teaspoon contains a concentrated blend of active botanicals including antioxidant rich Amla Berry, skin calming Fenugreek Seed and Marshmallow root + phytonutrient charged Ginseng powder which combine to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft, refreshed and polished.


Suitable for all skin types.



POLISH . Terra Facial Exfoliating Dust

PriceFrom $15.00

Activate 1-2 teaspoons of exfoliating dust with a little water in a dedicated treatment bowl or the palm of your hand + blend until it forms a smooth paste.

Work over face and neck avoiding the immediate eye area, gently massaging with fingertips in a circular motion using minimal pressure.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with your preferred Spiritwoods toning mist and moisture cream.


Use once or twice weekly