Tarkine . Scent Shifter + Fixative


exhaling old growth forest | damp earth | thylacine prints


what to expect - cepes. moss. dark woods. violet leaf.


Scent Shifters are dual action offerings; formulated to provide a mysteriously metamorphic element to your ritual of scent, whilst their fixative properties anchor the ephemeral notes within our botanical perfume oils, adding distinctive depth and extending wear time.


The aromatic accords imbued within these velvety balms act as a perfect crucible for the complex compositions within our perfumes to harmonise. They sorcerise + exalt the heart and deeper base notes, drawing out their natural charm whilst melding them into an entirely unique olfactory experience. 


Scent Shifters may be worn alone to kiss your skin with their diffusive subtlety, although the true alchemy begins when you start layering them under your favourite scents...the possibilities are endless.



Handcrafted. Vegan.




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Behind the name...
The Tarkine (or 'takayna' in Palawa – Tasmania’s Aboriginal language) is one of the very few unprotected wild places left in Australia – it spans a landscape of wild coastal areas, button grass plains, pristine rivers and ancient rainforests. This landscape holds an outstanding legacy of Aboriginal occupation dating back millennia. It’s home to Australia’s largest remaining tract of cool temperate rainforest. With over 92% of our old growth forest already lost in Australia, this is irreplaceable and includes areas of pure wilderness. 

Less than 5% of the Tarkine is properly protected in a national park. The rest is open to mining and logging. Despite the burst of the mining bubble, the sad reality is that there remains a plethora of open cut and strip-mines proposed for this potential World Heritage Area, with another 56 exploration licences granted for the region.

30% of the sales from each of our Tarkine Scent Shifter will be donated to The Wilderness Society, who are working tirelessly to gain formal protection for the Tarkine as World Heritage, as conservation reserves and as Aboriginal land.

Tarkine . Scent Shifter + Fixative


Apply a small amount of your selected Scent Shifter on to pulse points and allow to meld with your skin for 2-3 minutes before layering with your preferred botanical perfume oil. 


+ Please note these are extremely concentrated little pots, formulated for external perfumery use only. Please do not use as a lip balm.