Lune de Glace Body Treatment Serum with Palo Santo, Cedarwood + Mint 100ml

Intensive Botanical Hydrating Treatment

nourish. condition. uplift.


A luxurious herbal infused aromatic body serum delivering a superior blend of deeply nourishing botanicals, boosted with antioxidant vitamin E and organic Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut + Argan oils.


Rich in fatty acids to help prevent stretch marks, scarring and inflammation, this easily absorbed elixir effectively increases the skin's elasticity, noticeably improving the texture and appearance of dry and depleted skin.


This serum was nurtured into being by the gentle warmth of the sun, a healing infusion of Calendula, Tulsi, Oatstraw + Arnica was gently suffused into golden oils over the course of a solar month. Lifted with an uplifting and purifying blend of pure plant extracts including sacred palo santo, cedarwood and iced mint to ease tension and encourage peaceful clarity of the mind.





behind the name...

Lune de Glace translates as Ice Moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Old Moon; the first full moon of January. The fresh woody aromatics inspired by deep winter snow in the forest, the brilliant clarity of winter sky, icey mist upon on the breath. 



Lune de Glace . Body Treatment Serum | Palo Santo. Cedar. Mint.

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+ Massage into damp and freshly cleansed skin after showering or bathing as a daily moisturiser, concentrating on areas particularly in need of healing hydration


+ Add a small splash into warm running water for an aromatic and luxuriously moisturising bath infusion


+ Pump generously into cupped hands and use as a purifying massage oil or apply small amounts to the ends of dry hair