Scent Shifter Collection . Gift Set

Scent Shifters | The Collection 


This gift set brings together your choice from our collection of our Scent Shifter fixative balms, complimenting our range of perfume oils for the ultimate in layering heaven.


Formulated to provide a mysteriously metamorphic element to your ritual of scent, Scent Shifters are the perfect crucible for the complex compositions within our perfume oils to harmonise. Their unique fixative properties anchoring the ephemeral notes whilst adding distinctive depth and extending wear time.


Be bold and take alchemy into your own hands.



- moss. cepes. dark woods


Smoke + Mirrors

- embers. vetiver root. black coffee



- dark vanilla. light woods. sultry amber


The Drawing Room

- botanical leather. cedarwood. pipe tobacco


Animal Instinct

- costus root. civet. cedar trilogy



- blood rose. temple incense. veiled jasmine



- kelp. black salt. botanical ambergris


Please enter your four (4) choices in the box provided before purchasing. Your selection will be packaged collectively in a black gift box. 

Scent Shifter Collection . Gift Set


Apply a small amount of your selected Scent Shifter on to pulse points and allow to meld with your skin for 2-3 minutes. 

Layer with your preferred botanical perfume oil and gentle dab your wrists together. 


+ * Please note these are extremely concentrated little pots, formulated for external perfumery use only. Please do not use as a lip balm.