Ritual of Scent Duo

This gift enables you to pair together two unique offerings from our Ritual of Scent Collection to create the ultimate signature scent; beautifully boxed and adorned with Habotai silk ribbon.


Simply browse our selection of soulful botanical perfume oils below until one draws you in; next, select a Scent Shifter balm to compliment it which will act to anchor the ephemeral notes within your perfume oil, whilst adding distinctive depth through the heart + base notes and extending its wear time.

There are really no wrong choices here, all will harmonise in unique ways and dance upon every body's skin differently. If you seek some guidance with your selection please don't hestitate to ask, we'd be happy to help. 


Botanical Perfume oils:

High Priestess

Elements - pink lotus, wilted roses, poplar bud, honeyed amber

What to expect - complex feminine, sweet balsamic warmth, floral

▿ Orphic

Elements - rain, wildflowers, apricots, mitti attar, sandalwood

What to expect - powdery soft, feminine, light floral, creamy woods


Elements - opium smoke, narcissus, mimosa, black musk

What to Expect - honeyed florals, mingled smoke, complex sweet warmth

Elements - dark berries, clove, dragons blood, osmanthus, opoponax
What to Expect - rich, fruity-floral, bittersweet undertones, aromatic spices, resinous balsamic

Elements - green pepper, absinthe, cannabis leaf, blue hemlock, blood cedar
What to Expect - herbaceous, leafy green fougère, resinous woods, slight masculine edge

Elements - hinoki, aleppo pine, burning sage, aged cedarwood, oakmoss, vetiver root
What to Expect - heart opening freshness, smokey pine needles, primordial woods

The Hermit

Elements - tarragon, flouve, cedarwood, hay, immortelle, soil, tonka, tree moss What to Expect - warm, agrestic, sweet herbaceous, earthy


Elements - tahitian lime, black salt, roasted seashells, cedar + oarweed

What to Expect - fresh, oceanic, ozonic, salty, weathered woods


Elements - rum, spice, saffron, smoke, tobacco stains, oakwood   

What to Expect - boozy, balsamic, soft leather, masculine 

Elements - fossilised amber, katrafay, smoke tree, sacred resins, African spices
What to Expect - amber balsamic, warm, resinous, dry woods, sweet spice nuances

Elements: fir needles, Australian heart woods, blue chamomile, black tea + white oud 
What to expect: rich, precious woods, light smokiness, sweet resins, earthy

Elements - red mandarin, rosewood, black pepper, wild tobacco leaf, crushed clove buds 
What to Expect - woody, lightly citrus with spice nuances, balsamic, masculine warmth


Scent Shifter + Fixative Balms:

Smoke + Mirrors
embers. vetiver root. black coffee 

light woods. dark vanilla. sultry amber

The Drawing Room
leather. cedar chests. pipe tobacco

mushrooms. dark woods. moss 

Animal Instinct

costus root. civet. cedar trilogy

▿ Piracy

kelp. black salt. botanical ambergris



blood rose. temple incense. veiled jasmine


All our offerings are vegan friendly, completely free from animal products + synthetic components, crafted exclusively with raw natural materials. 

Ritual of Scent Duo


Apply a small amount of Scent Shifter balm to your pulse points {wrists, neck, inner elbows} and allow to meld with the skin for a minute before layering with your perfume oil. 

Gently dab your wrists together to enable to oil to settle into your skin, do not rub frantically, this friction produces heat which can change the way the scent performs on your skin.