CLEANSE. Pemou + Petitgrain Cleansing Dew

Botanical Oil Cleanser

purify. cleanse. balance.


Begin your cleansing ritual with this mild and nourishing dew ideal for all skin types, especially beneficial for dry, combination or blemish prone skin. 


Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the age-old practice of cleansing the face using pure botanical oils is the most gentle and effective way to dissolve and lift surface impurities, grime and pollutants without disturbing the skin's natural sebum balance. 

Unlike harsh soaps and oil stripping gels, this cleansing dew works with your skin, using an uplifting synergy of vitamin rich plant oils, soothing aloe vera, mildly astringent essential oils and naturally exfoliating fruit enzymes to free your skin of daily pollutants whilst maintaining its optimal equilibrium; leaving your skin feeling immaculately clean, refreshed and softened.   

CLEANSE. Pemou + Petitgrain Cleansing Dew

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Massage half a teaspoon of this nourishing oil into face + neck once daily, taking a moment for yourself to breathe in the calming blend of essential oils.

Hold a warm damp cloth to your face for a few moments before gently wiping off.