Orphic |  Rain. Wildflowers. Petrichor.

Orphic | adj. mysterious and entrancing. Beyond ordinary understanding.

A beautifully delicate and ethereal scent reminiscent of spring evening rain falling on budding green leaves, a gentle breeze carrying whispers of elderflower, linden blossom + sweet clover, glowing sandalwood moonshine on a meadow of rain-washed wildflowers, the parched earth beneath them sighing loudly with relief.

Elements - wildflowers, nightshade berries, apricots, mitti attar, sandalwood
What to expect - powdery soft, feminine, light floral, creamy woods

Handcrafted, fully developed botanical scent in the gentle base of Australian Jojoba + Fractionated Coconut Oils.
Housed in amber glass with stainless steel roller ball.
Contains no animal products.


Orphic | Rain. Wildflowers. Petrichor.


Apply a small amount to your pulse points {wrists, neck, inner elbows}
Gently dab your wrists together to enable the oil to settle into your skin, do not rub frantically, this friction produces heat which can change the way the scent performs on your skin.