Norway Spruce Resin

Picea abies 

healing. stimulating. clarifying


Dedicated to Artemis, The Godess of the wilderness, the hunt + the moon in Greek mythology, the Spruce tree signifies renewal, resilience + resurgence. This resin originates from the Norway Spruce of Romania, a proud coniferous tree that dominates the Boreal forests in Northern Europe and the subalpine areas of the Alps and Carpathian Mountains.


Scent - camphorous, balsamic, a touch musky

Application - incense, perfumery, medicinal

Source - Romania. wildcrafted

Correspondence - Jupiter/Earth


As an incense, this material carries the uplifting + energising aspects inherent to most resins from the Pinaceae family. It is wonderfully refreshing and adept at strengthening a weary spirit whilst evoking a sense of contentment + comfort; also effective when burnt before + during meditation to increase focus.


In the Nordic countries, ointment prepared from the Norway Spruce resin has been used for centuries to treat bacterial + fungal infections such as wounds, sores, ulcers etc. Although such treatment is an old folkloristic therapy for locals, modern systematic research studies are increasingly substantiating the significant antimicrobial, wound-healing, and skin regenerative properties of this material and its effectiveness as a topical treatment. 






Information offered here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. As always, we advise you to do your own research + apply your own judgment concerning the safety and usage of any herbs or plant extracts.

Norway Spruce Resin

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Resins will not burn on their own, they will require heat from either an resin/oil burner or a charcoal disk.

▵ using a dedicated resin burner (or oil burner is an alternative) releases much more of the true aroma of the resin than charcoal disks and also creates far less smoke. Place a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and lay a small piece of resin on top; this prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use. 

▿ Never leave an oil burner un-attended. Keep out of reach of children.

▵ Fill your charcoal burner 3/4 full with sand or rocks to absorb some of the heat. Then place your burner on a heat resistant surface. Using tongs to hold the charcoal tablet, light it following the instructions provided with your charcoal. Place the hot charcoal onto the bed of sand inside your charcoal burner and allow the charcoal 5-15 minutes to fully come to temperature, indicated by a layer of ash forming on the tablet before carefully adding the desired quantity of resin to the top of the hot disk. 

▿ Never leave a charcoal burner un-attended. Keep out of reach of children.