Lacrimae Lunae . Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent

for awakening. courage. attunement. 

Lacrimae Lunae 'tears of the moon' are powerful essences, crafted by channelling the energy and vibrational resonance of Australian bush flower + gem essences into pure rain water under the light of their respective luna phase.

The alchemical reaction of the united elements is memorised by the waters which we further enhance with a proprietary blend of essential oils to offer distinct aromatic + energetic affects, assisting to harmonise your emotional and physical centres in synchronicity with the moon cycles.


This blend has been created with great reverence to assist you to deepen your attunement, support your courage to take initiative and align with the expansive + energetic abundance of the emergent phase; the Waxing Crescent. A tangible shift occurs during this time which is much more external in nature, inviting us to focus our gaze outwardly to the practical manifestations of our inner passions. Be gentle with yourself and your pace as you gather your resources, this phase offers you the metaphorical wind to fill your sails - though balance is required so as not to overextend. 


Key Elements

▹ Dog Rose (courage), Silver Princess Eucalypt (motivation), Macrocarpa (endurance) flower essence

▹ Red Jasper 
▹ Rosewood, Osmanthus, Bergamot  


Spritz these vibrational essences directly onto the body, within your auric field or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention.





Biophotonic violet glass.


Behind the name...

Lacrimae Lunae means 'tears of the moon' in Latin...the illuminating waters of the inner conscious; the harmonising waters of the moon.

Lacrimae Lunae . Waxing Crescent


Dog Rose Flower ⍎ at a time of emergence + re-birth, the Essence of the Dog Rose opens the pathway for such energetic abundance. It is an ally for clearing emotional toxicity, allowing for an uninhibited increase in the flow of the vital force, the courage to rise into one's potential and the self-belief to embrace the inner warrior

Silver Princess Eucalypt ⍎ the stunning pink blossoms of the rare Silver Princess Eucalypt of Western Australia supports people who may find themselves at a crossroads. Illuminating the path ahead whilst bringing about an awareness, sense of purpose and deepened attunement to our intentions moving forward

Macrocarpa Eucalypt ⍎ one of the largest of the Eucalypt flowers, Macrocarpa Essence holds within an immense power to renew ones enthusiasm and sense of inner strength. With an affinity to the adrenal glands, this Essence embodies the spirit of endurance and provides support to recharge one's batteries at a time where the road ahead may feel to steeply inclined