Lacrimae Lunae Set

Lacrimae Lunae | Tears of the Moon


Lacrimae Lunae 'tears of the moon' are powerful essences, crafted by channelling the energy and vibrational resonance of Australian bush flower + gem essences into pure rain water under the light of their respective luna phase.

The alchemical reaction of the united elements is memorised by the waters which we further enhance with a proprietary blend of essential oils to offer distinct aromatic + energetic affects, assisting to harmonise your emotional and physical centres in synchronicity with the moon cycles.


This set includes all four Essences blended to harmonise with each key Luna phase -

- Waxing Crescent  [50ml]

- Full Moon  [50ml]

- Waning Crescent  [50ml]

- New Moon  [50ml]


Spritz these vibrational essences directly onto the body, within your auric field or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention. Breathe in deeply.


Biophotonic violetglass bottles.

Packaged collectively in a handmade black cotton satchel. 

Lacrimae Lunae Set