Lacrimae Lunae . New Moon

New Moon 

for intuition. pause. introspection.  

Lacrimae Lunae 'tears of the moon' are powerful essences, crafted by channelling the energy and vibrational resonance of Australian bush flower + gem essences into pure rain water under the light of their respective luna phase.

The alchemical reaction of the united elements is memorised by the waters which we further enhance with a proprietary blend of essential oils to offer distinct aromatic + energetic affects, assisting to harmonise your emotional and physical centres in synchronicity with the moon cycles.


This blend has been created with great reverence to assist you to realign with the reflective, restorative + transformational energy of the oracle phase; the New moon. Beginning in passive darkness, this is not a time of 'doing' but rather a time of stillness, of intuitive awareness, of soul searching and reconnection with our emotional centres. A phase to take in our surroundings + receive its gifts so later we may manifest our dreams and return those gifts tenfold.  


Key Elements

▹ Angelsword (spiritual discernment), Crowea (centering), Bush Fuchsia (intuition) flower Essences

▹ Prehnite  
▹ Buddha wood, Jasmine, Red mandarin


Spritz these vibrational essences directly onto the body, within your auric field or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention.





Biophotonic violet glass.



Behind the name...

Lacrimae Lunae means 'tears of the moon' in Latin...the illuminating waters of the inner conscious; the harmonising waters of the moon.

Lacrimae Lunae . New Moon


Angelsword ⍎ from the alpine region of eastern Australia, Angelsword flower Essence beautifully supports efforts to reach one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation, assisting you to receive/channel clear messages without outside influence. Known to aid in the release of negatively held psychic energies, this Essence is also supportive to those seeking to access and retrieve previously developed gifts from past lives

Crowea ⍎ in a time of inward turning, Crowea Essence assists with the rebalancing of our emotional centre when we are not really sure where we are at. Especially suited for times of worry or unspecified fear, this five pointed flower is a great ally in attempts to release emotional intensity so we may recentre and find restful calmness

Bush Fuchsia ⍎ added to this blend for its unsurpassed invitation for openning up to one's intuition. The Essence of these powerful little trumpet like flowers has the ability to assist with mastering a sense of clarity and focus, whilst supporting efforts to the balance and quiet the noise of the brain so we may remain open to receive + listen to the truthful voice of the soul