Lacrimae Lunae . Full Moon

Full Moon 

for culmination. self-forgiveness. release 

Lacrimae Lunae 'tears of the moon' are powerful essences, crafted by channeling the energy and vibrational resonance of Australian bush flower + gem essences into pure rain water under the light of their respective luna phase. 

The alchemical reaction of the united elements is memorised by the waters, which we further enhance with a proprietary blend of essential oils to offer distinct aromatic + energetic affects, assisting to harmonise your emotional and physical centres in synchronicity with the moon cycles.

This blend has been created with great reverence to assist you to realign with the primal, empowered creative + releasing energy of the visibility phase; the Full moon. An illuminating time of deep harvesting, of gathering and composting; where strong emotions may be drawn up to the surface with the tide. Clarity is required to enable you to discern between that which is rising up to be strengthened and that which needs to be released.


Key Elements

▹ Bush Fuchsia (clarity), Freshwater Mangrove (openness), Turkey Bush (creativity) flower essence

▹ White Quartz  
▹ Turkish rose, Amyris, dark Patchouli


Spritz these vibrational essences directly onto the body, within your auric field or anywhere you feel best to elevate the energy of your space for this intention.





Biophotonic violet glass.


Behind the name...

Lacrimae Lunae means 'tears of the moon' in Latin...the illuminating waters of the inner conscious; the harmonising waters of the moon.

Lacrimae Lunae . Full Moon


Turkey Bush ⍎ this is THE Essence for creativity and renewing confidence in one's magnetic brightness. Assisting to turn off the inner critic, the life force of these beautiful pink blooms of Northern Australia encourages you to connect with your higher self and allow the creativity to flow uninhibited by discouragement or self doubt

Bush Fuchsia ⍎ unsurpassed for enhancing learning + access to one's intuition; the Essence of this powerful little flower has the ability to assist with creating clarity, focus and finding balance between the rational + the creative - the brain + the soul. Shaped like tiny trumpets, Bush Fuchsia not only amplifies our capacity to listen to our inner voice, it enhances the speaking of one's truth and the courage to release any constrictive notions of perfection

Freshwater Mangrove ⍎ the powerful medicine of this botanical from Northern Australia is the invitation for openness + compassion. This Essence has the potential to allow us to fully experience and be open on both a mental and heart level to new perceptual shifts and the culminative energy occurring at this phase of the moon.