Gnali Resin

Daniellia oliveri

clairvoyance. psychic insight. meditation 


A rare and unusual fragrant balsam, Gnali, or more commonly referred to as African copaiba, is the oleoresin obtained from the trunk of the deciduous tree belonging to the Cesalpinaceae family. Our offering here is collected by a group of women who live in the Casamance region in southern Senegal who oversee the harvest, avoiding exploitation of both their peoples and environmental disfigurement.


Scent - balsamic, spicy, sweetened mossy nuances, vaguely reminiscent of clove

Application - incense (blends beautifully with boswellia species, elemi and/or benzoin), medicinal

Source - Africa


Commonly burnt by locals along with the bark to fragrance clothes, ward off vermin and as a mosquitto repellent during the rainy season. I find this resin to induce a feeling of deep comfort and warmth when gently heated in an oil burner, making it a beautiful incense for meditation and grounding prior to journey work. Inhaling its subtle aroma is said to enhance clairvoyance and is well suited to aid in divination. 


Medicinally, Gnali is a key element in a number of folk remedies, locals utilise the gum resin for the treatment of gonorrhoea, chewed and swallowed as a laxative and applied externally to treat abscesses, general skin maladies, wound healing and as a rub to treat inter-costal pain. Medical research into the use of this oleo resin against prostate cancer cells and as a source of natural antioxidant continues; the potential use of this exudate as a cosmetic antiwrinkle agent was recently patented. 





Information offered here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. As always, we advise you to do your own research + apply your own judgment concerning the safety and usage of any herbs or plant extracts.

Gnali Resin

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Resins will not burn on their own, they will require heat from either an resin/oil burner or a charcoal disk.

▵ using a dedicated resin burner (or oil burner is an alternative) releases much more of the true aroma of the resin than charcoal disks and also creates far less smoke. Place a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and lay a small piece of resin on top; this prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use. 

▿ Never leave an oil burner un-attended. Keep out of reach of children.

▵ Fill your charcoal burner 3/4 full with sand or rocks to absorb some of the heat. Then place your burner on a heat resistant surface. Using tongs to hold the charcoal tablet, light it following the instructions provided with your charcoal. Place the hot charcoal onto the bed of sand inside your charcoal burner and allow the charcoal 5-15 minutes to fully come to temperature, indicated by a layer of ash forming on the tablet before carefully adding the desired quantity of resin to the top of the hot disk. 

▿ Never leave a charcoal burner un-attended. Keep out of reach of children.