Facial Treatment Kit

This kit contains all one needs to create the ultimate rejuvenation facial at home. 


▵ Facial Treatment Dust  50ml

▿ Ceramic treatment dish

▵ 2 x soft muslin cloths

▿ mask application brush


Our trio of facial treatment dusts each contain a uniquely targeted combination of powdered organic herbs, seeds, blossoms and mineral rich Australian clays, activated upon each use to instantly creat a fresh and naturally potent facial mask.

Simply make your selection from our range in the drop down menu, and we will combine your treatment of choice with a dedicated ceramic vessel to bring such to life, a beautifully soft brush to apply your treatment, and two gentle cotton muslin cloths in a black gift box with your preference of hand dyed silk ribbon or nettle twine.




Hibiscus + Rose Replenishing Treatment Dust

Suited to all skin types, though especially beneficial for normal to dry skin.

▹A targeted blend of Australian Red clay high in iron and essential minerals, regenerative Myrrh Gum, antioxidant rich Milk Thistle Seed and vitamin rich wild Rosella (Hibiscus); combining to gently condition + revitalise the complexion, draw impurities from pores and deliver a potent dose of antioxidants directly to the skin    


Ginseng + Olive Replenishing Treatment Dust

A deep cleansing treatment suitable for all skin types. 

▹Containing a concentrated blend of Zeolite and reparative Australian Olive clay, collagen boosting Olive Leaf, skin brightening Tulsi and toning Fennel Seed; which harmonize to effectively draw impurities from pores, gently detoxify by neutralising toxins and rejuvenate a healthy skin tone


Slippery Elm + Chamomile Clarifying Treatment Dust

Suited to normal, combination / blemish prone skin

▹A calming combination of Australian White Kaolin, skin soothing Chamomile bud, Sandalwood, Turmeric and antioxidant rich Golden Seal, which synergise to clarify + calm redness and inflammation, gently draw impurities from pores and balance + smooth the complexion


Facial Treatment Kit


Activate 1-2 teaspoons of selected treatment dust with a little water or floral hydrosol in a dedicated treatment bowl and blend until it forms a smooth paste.

Apply using the dedicated mask brush to face and neck in an even layer avoiding the sensitive eye area. Relax for 10 minutes then remove with a warmed wet muslin cloth.

Use once a week or as needed to maintain vibrant skin