Yoga Essentials Gift Set

There are many ways we may bring about balance in our lives, in our personal spaces and in our energy centres. Synergies of essential oils, flowers and specific plants are a powerful way to shift our consciousness, offering distinct aromatic + vibrational affects which can influence our emotional and physical states.


This gift pack combines two powerful offerings to be used in tandem to enhance ones yoga practice, meditation, study or moments of reflective stillness. Anoint the skin with the velvety soft Elemental balm before misting skin, space + mat with the Elemental Essence of your choosing.  


Available combinations -

▿ Earth Elemental Balm 15ml + Terra Elemental Mist 50ml

▵ Air Elemental Balm 15ml + Anima Elemental Mist 50ml

▵ Fire Elemental Balm 15ml + Ignis Elemental Mist 50ml

▿ Water Elemental Balm 15ml + Aqua Elemental Mist 50ml

▵ Dreamwalker Balm 15ml + Spiritus Elemental Mist 50ml


Simply make your selection of elemental duo from the drop down menu, along with your choice of hand dyed Habotai silk ribbon or Nettle twine to adorn their gift box. 


Earth Balm | Terram Elemental Mist

The Earth is Gaia, it is our home; revered as our strength and sustenance. Based on these principles, this duo has been mindfully crafted to balance the root chakra and assist with realigning the positive and primal correspondences of the Earth element which include contentment, intuition without awareness, grounded stillness + a healthy connection to our instinctual body

Key botanicals include - Ruh Khus, Dark Patchouli, Marshmallow Root, Blue Cypress, Oakmoss, Vervain


Air BalmAnima Elemental Mist

Air is our invisible necessity, an unpredictable force of tremendous impact ever present in folklore and mythology throughout the ages. These two potent blends have been crafted to support efforts to balance the heart chakra and assist with stimulating the positive and sensitive correspondences of the Air element which include inner peace, compassion, sympathy, affection + heart centred discernment

Key botanicals include - Bergamot, Palmarosa, Geranium, Damiana, Fir, Black Spruce, Frankincense


Fire Balm | Ignis Elemental Mist

The ultimate shape-shifter, Fire is a divine essence which holds remarkable religious and spiritual significance. These powerful offerings have been mindfully crafted to support efforts to balance the solar plexus chakra and assist with stimulating the positive and passionate emotional correspondences of the Fire element which include momentum, focus, confident drive, clarity of judgment + self discipline.

Key botanicals include - Ginger Root, Tulsi, Agrimony, Clove, Elemi, Lemon, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang, Nettle 


Water Balm | Aqua Elemental Mist

The life giving and sacred element of Water is soothing, cleansing and powerfully healing. This potent duo has been carefully selected to support efforts to balance the sacral chakra and assist with stimulating the positive and free-flowing emotional correspondences of the Water element which include self acceptance, nurtured relationships, vitality + intuitive creativity.

Key botanicals include - Rosewood, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Shatavari, Burdock, May Chang, Linden leaf


Dreamwalker | Spiritus Elemental Mist

The practice of shifting outside of ordinary consciousness, transforming unconscious thought into dreams and connecting with inner wisdom is time-honoured, and within the potential of us all. This duo contain concentrated blends to support efforts to balance the throat chakra and assist with stimulating the positive and delicately centred correspondences of Akasha, or the element of Ether, which include etheric connection, optimism, expressiveness, authenticity in creation, inner reliance + sense of purpose.

Key botanicals include - Blue Lotus, Clary Sage, Mugwort, Spikenard, Hyssop, Kaffir Lime, Anise



Please note due to the potent presence of certain herbs and essential oils, these blends are not recommended for use during pregnancy 

Yoga Essentials Gift Set



▹ Warm a small amount between fingers before anointing your upper chest, pulse points, inner elbow and soles of the feet as required, gently massaging into your skin. 

As the balm melds with your body heat it will activate the fragrant release of the botanical oils - a little goes a long way  


Please note our Elemental Balms are NOT suitable for use whilst pregnant. 



▹ Shake well + spritz onto body from head to toe, into the air, onto your yoga mat, pillow or anywhere you feel is best to elevate the energy of your space for your chosen intention