Sacred Botanicals Pack

This unique gift brings together some of the most powerful sacred botanicals used for centuries by various cultures in smudging ceremonies from Peruvian Palo Santo to Mayan White Copal, from Australian Eucalyptus + Tea Tree to Juniper + organic White Sage. Highly regarded for spiritual applications, used for vibrational work and clearing negativity.


▿ Black tourmaline + Juniper Sacred Purifying Mist  100ml

▵ Van Diemens Land Smudge Bundle


Black Tourmaline + Juniper Sacred Purifying Mist

Charged with the protective essence of Black Tourmaline + Dead Sea Salt and infused with a potent blend of high frequency plant oils including White sage, artemisia, Juniper, Black Pine + Palo Santo; this sacred mist has been formulated for use in situations where the aromatic + discreet purification of the home, car, office or temporary space whilst travelling is desired without smoke


Van Diemens Smudge Bundle 

A thoughtfully selected gathering of sacred plants and holy wood including hand rolled white copal incense, Australian organic sagebush, Palo Santo sticks + a bundle of native Van Diemens land (Tasmanian) native botanicals. All highly protective aromatics when burnt, the purifying smoke works well to clear negative energies, enhance creativity and raise the vibration of your space


Beautifully packaged together in a black gift box with your choice of hand dyed Habotai silk ribbon or Nettle twine. 

Sacred Botanicals Pack