Dreamwalker Unction herbal infused balm for those who dream of stranger worlds

Spiritual Support Balm for those who dream of stranger worlds
lucid dreaming. meditation. otherworld journeying.

The practice of shifting outside of ordinary consciousness, transforming unconscious thought into dreams and connecting with inner wisdom is time-honoured, and within the potential of us all.

This concentrated unction has been infused over the course of a solar month with the powerful properties of a hand selected blend of herbs, essential oils and tree resins renowned for their abilities to ground the body and quiet the mind so the soul may speak. Key Elements include meditative Cistus, Palo Santo, Shatavari root, Tasmanian Hops, Clary Sage and Black Copal. Mugwort in particular serves to physically relax the body whilst stimulating the subconscious to alertness, making the amalgalm of botanicals within this balm an invaluable ally for inclusion in your spiritual and meditation practices, astral work and lucid dream techniques.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy.





"...your Dreamwalker balm smells like heaven. A friend bought it and told me about it, I put some on when I visited her and couldn't stop smelling my arm all day. I purchased it myself in a hope of being able to have better dream recall and also to help me sink deeper into my meditations and I can say it definitely has helped in both those areas. I've never smelled anything like it, so many layers and beautifully calming. Packaged so nicely too, will shop with you again for sure"

​    - Jessica, AU 

Dreamwalker Unction

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Warm a small amount between fingers before anointing your upper chest, pulse points, inner elbow and soles of the feet as required, gently massaging into your skin whilst focusing on your intent.

As the balm melds with your body heat it will activate the fragrant release of the botanical oils - a little goes a long way