Mini Perfume Sampler Box

Our botanical perfume oils are unlike anything you will find in a department store. Exclusively crafted with raw natural materials, these scents are quite literally hand blended from the earth...mindful micro-batches of plant materials, pure extracts, resins + herbal infusions.


This sampler forms a perfectly unique gift to enable your special someone to experience a range of our perfume oils before settling on their signature scent.

Simply select your choice of four x 1ml sample bottles from our perfume collection below and enter in your choices in the space provided. Your quartet will then be beautifully packaged in a black gift box with your choice of hand dyed Habotai silk ribbon or Nettle twine. 



Elements - dark resins, cocoa dust, ethiopian myrrh, poplar buds, patchouli 

What to expect - feminine skin notes, twisted gourmand, floral wisps, resinous primordial woods


High Priestess

Elements - pink lotus, wilted roses, honeyed amber, vanilla, poplar bud

What to expect - complex feminine, sweet balsamic warmth, floral



Elements - wildflowers, apricots, mitti attar, sandalwood, petrichor
What to expect - powdery soft, feminine, light floral, creamy woods


Elements - narcissus, mimosa, tuberose, dark vanilla, proprietary oud attar

What to expect floral, resinous smoke, dark botanical musk, precious woods, feminine 


Elements - dark berries, dragons blood, osmanthus, clove
What to expect - rich, energetically unique, fruity-floral, bittersweet undertones, aromatic spices, resinous balsamic



Elements - green pepper, absinthe, ritual herbs, blue hemlock, blood cedar  

What to expect - herbaceous, leafy green fougère, resinous woods


Elements - hinoki, aleppo pine, burning sage, aged cedar, Haitian vetiver
What to expect - heart opening freshness, coniferous, smoldering woods


The Hermit

Elements - tarragon, flouve, cedarwood, hay, immortelle, soil, tonka, tree moss 

What to expect - warm, agrestic, sweet herbaceous, earthy


Elements - light citrus, fossilised amber, katrafay, smoke tree, sacred resins, African spices
What to expect - amber balsamic, warm, resinous, dry woods, sweet spice nuances


Elements - rare Australian heartwoods, smoldering Japanese cedar, fir needles + black tea   
What to expect - earthy, precious woods, heavily balsamic, light smokiness, sweet-resinous heartnotes


Elements - rosewood, black pepper, wild dried tobacco, crushed clove buds 
What to expect - woody, lightly citrus with spice nuances, balsamic, masculine warmth



Elements - black rum, spiced saffron, smoke, tobacco stains, oakwood 

What to expect - boozy, balsamic, soft leather, masculine


Elements - tahitian lime, black salt, roasted seashells, cedar + oarweed     
What to Expect - fresh, oceanic, ozonic, salty, weathered woods

Mini Perfume Sampler Box