Daily Essentials Gift Kit

The ultimate trio for daily indulgence.


This kit contains - 

▿ Botanical Gel Cleanser 200ml

▵ Aromatic Vetiver Root Exfoliator

▿ Lip Treatment 


Botanical Gel Cleanser

A beautiful way to introduce nature into your daily self care rituals or that of a loved one, our shower gels are formulated with natural botanical extracts and the organic + skin-softening oils of Sunflower and Coconut to deeply cleanse and invigorate the skin.
▹ Just make the selection in the drop down menu between our two aromatic siblings - 

Dawn {an invigorating blend including Lemongrass, Ginger, Black Pepper + Frankincense}

Dusk {a warm + relaxing synergy including Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood + Cardamom}


Aromatic Vetiver Root Exfoliator

The perfect accompaniment to our botanical cleansers, this body sponge is woven from the aromatic + naturally anti-bacterial roots of Indian vetiver grass. Easily used in the bath or shower to buff away spent skin cells and stimulate circulation, promoting the natural cellular regeneration of your skin.


Lip Treatment 

Our creamy herbal infused lip treatments have developed a dedicated following from those seeking serious nourishment for their lips. Each enhanced with a unique selection of skin soothing herbs and hydrating plant oils, our lip treatments are 100% natural + vegan friendly.
▹ Simply make a selection between our two popular offerings -

Clove + Ginger  {macadamia oil, warming ginger, vanilla, spices}

Absinthe  {hemp seed oil, calendula petals, fennel, wormwood, anise}

Black Mint + Aloe {meadowfoam seed oil, fresh mint, organic aloe)


Beautifully packaged in a black gift box with your choice of hand dyed Habotai silk ribbon or Nettle twine. 


Daily Essentials Gift Kit