Tarot/Altar Cloth . Botanical dye . Air/Swords

These spreadcloths provide more than a protective surface on which to lay your Tarot cards, they are also a visual and energetic demarcation of a sacred space, a portable and protective canvas for your intuition.

This seeded raw silk cloth has been hand dyed in its own botanical bath of pigments, herbs, bark, leaves + flowers, some chosen for their contribution to the colour palette, others selected for their unique energetic properties corresponding to the Element of Air and Suit of Swords, combining to imbue each cloth with its own distinctive vitality on which to lay your readings.

Key Elements - logwood, sequoia seed, wild rosella, eyebright, blackberry leaf, usnea lichen 

Colour - muted rose/violet
21" x 21" raw edge

A side note...
The union of natural fabrics and plant materials can result in unpredictable variations in colour, shadings and/or markings; this is not something I have attempted to 'fix' instead I find these nuances part of their individuality and character. These cloths are perfectly imperfect one of a kind pieces.

▿ colours may slightly vary from screen to cloth due to monitor/phone settings etc.

Tarot/Altar Cloth . Botanical dye . Air/Swords


Hand wash infrequently with gentle ph neutral detergents. Natural dyes will fade over time with subsequent washings. Some pigments may also fade and change hue with time and light exposure creating their own patina. 

We have consciously chosen not to scorch the properties within these cloths with an iron and ask you to embrace the wrinkles too.