Black Tourmaline + Juniper Sacred Purifying Mist

Smokeless Smudge Mist

aura cleansing. ritual purification. 


Traditionally, smoke from the burning of sacred plants + focused intent is used to purify and energetically demarcate spaces prepare for ceremony, ritual, meditation or prayer. For many however, smoke smudging is not an option for health reasons or practicality. This smokeless purifying mist has been formulated for use in such situations where the aromatic + discreet purification of the home, car, office or temporary space whilst travelling is desired.

Charged with the protective essence of Black Tourmaline + Dead Sea Salt; infused with sacred needle oils of Juniper + Black Pine, resins of Palo Santo + Black Copal and high frequency plant oils including White Sage, Artemisia, Rosemary + Mint.




Black Tourmaline + Juniper Sacred Purifying Mist


Shake well. Mist into the air as required to cleanse + elevate the energy of the room.