Beyond the Veil | Ritual Preparation Essentials

It is part of our human potential to journey beyond the veil. The ability to extend ourselves outside of ordinary consciousness, through gentle shifts in orientation, journeying, soul-flight or deep meditative states, represents some of the most ancient forms of healing and means of connecting with nature.
This gathering brings you a powerful trio of offerings specifically crafted to support and enhance the preparation of such spiritual pursuits by thoroughly cleansing and demarcating the energy field of body and space, whilst preparing the mind for the desired intention through the use of sacred resins, pure botanicals and nourishing oils.

- Black Tourmaline + Juniper Purifying Mist [100ml]
- Banishment Herbal Bath Tisane [250ml]
- Elemental Balm of choice [15ml]

Packaged collectively in a handmade black cotton satchel.

Beyond the Veil | Ritual Preparation Essentials

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The powerful properties of the Banishment Herbal Bath Tisane may be employed through immersion in a sacred bath or as a hair rinse if bathing is not possible. 


+ Fill the supplied cotton muslin bag with desired amount of herbs. Tie a knot in the top and hang string the over the bath nozzle/faucet to allow the water to flow through the bag as it fills the bath. To ensure an infusion of effective strength, fill bath with hot water first before adjusting the temperature by adding cool water. Unhook the tisane bag and place closed bag in the water with you to continue infusing. Sink in and relax.


+ Prepare 3 - 4 tablespoons of the tisane blend in a large tea pot. Allow to steep for one hour. Once cooled, decant into a sterilized bottle or pouring jug. Store any unused herbal water in the fridge and use within five (5) days


Follow by misting the space with the Black Tourmaline + Juniper Purifying Mist and applying a small amount of selected balm or unction to pulse points, third eye, upper chest + soles of the feet.  



Please note our Elemental Balms + Dreamwalker Unction are NOT suitable for use whilst pregnant. 




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