Banshee | Dirty Vanilla . Cocoa Dust . Aged Patchouli .
Within this sensual + unabashed elixir, we have set about revealing the primal feminine spirit of the wild fae Banshee. With an intentionally muted top note, this scent is complexly curated to unveil softly, melting into your warm skin like animal prints in the snow.

Rolling in with an alluring fog of helitrope, saffron + pheromones, Banshee reveals dark trails of crushed roses, calamus and spiked vanilla as she goes; with distant shrieks of lingering aloeswood and haunted wisps of aged patchouli in her wake. 

Elements - dark resins, cocoa dust, ethiopian myrrh, sticky poplar buds, aged patchouli 
What to expect - feminine skin notes, twisted gourmand, floral wisps, resinous primordial woods
This scent will morph quite differently on everyone it touches.

Banshee | Dirty Vanilla . Cocoa Dust . Aged Patchouli .

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Apply a small amount to your pulse points {wrists, neck, inner elbows}
Gently dab your wrists together to enable to oil to settle into your skin, do not rub frantically, this friction produces heat which can change the way the scent performs on your skin. 


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