Pre-ritual Detoxifying Herbal Bath Tea

aura cleansing. ritual purification.  


This herbal blend is endowed with a long history, stemming from a medieval prescription to create a [holy] Water of sorts, to aid in "chasing away all phantoms"; from a time when people were naturally connected to the earth, and plants + essential oils were commonly used to purge negative energy and neutralise the body's energy field prior to ritual, ceremony and other phantom chasing pursuits.   


Utilising a powerful combination of organic herbs including Vervain, Hyssop, Sage, Valerian root and Fennel in addition to Dead Sea + Himalayan Sea Salt crystals, this blend may be steeped for use as a hair rinse or infused in a sacred bath for a deeply detoxifying soak relaxing the body and mind.


Muslin Bag Infusing included

Banishment . Purifying Herbal Bath Tisanse

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+ Fill the supplied cotton muslin bag with desired amount of herbs. Tie a knot in the top and hang string the over the bath nozzle/faucet to allow the water to flow through the bag as it fills the bath. To ensure an infusion of effective strength, fill bath with hot water first before adjusting the temperature by adding cool water. Unhook the tisane bag and place closed bag in the water with you to continue infusing; squeeze the bag intermittently throughout your soak to ensure the salt crystals are dissolved. Sink in and relax.



+ Prepare 3 - 4 tablespoons of the tisane blend in a large tea pot. Allow to steep for one hour. Once cooled, decant into a sterilized bottle or pouring jug. Store any unused herbal water in the fridge and use within five (5) days


Decant spent herbs into garden or compost.




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