Arms of Morpheus Aromatic Pillow Mist

Relaxing Aromatic Mist

peaceful. calm inducing. serenity 

A naturally harmonising botanical mist for body, linen + room, thoughtfully composed to help you transform your space into a peaceful aromatic coocoon in which to still your mind and drift off into the restful arms of Morpheus.


Our proprietary blend is an efficacious fusion of the purest plant oils including Tasmanian grown lavender, organic Cedar + sweet Marjoram, with the traditionally calming extracts of Passionflower, Zizyphus + Chamomile; carefully selected for their innate capacities to help you quiet the world and relax the senses in preparation for a restorative sleep.

▿ Our 100% natural, alcohol-free formulation lends its suitability for use directly on the body as well bed linen. Particularly beneficial used regularly as part of a pre-sleep ritual, this blend supports the establishment of a predictable + effective olfactory cue for your body to relax and your mind to settle.


Suitable for anyone; ideal for for shift workers, frequent travelers, students + those who experience nocturnal restlessness or difficulty settling before bed.




amber glass




Behind the name...

An allusion to the shape-shifting, dream weaving Greek god Morpheus, son of Hypnos, rulers of sleep + dreams. It was told, that when in the arms of Morpheus, people would enjoy the elusive peace of restful slumber

Arms of Morpheus . Aromatic Pillow Mist


Shake well + spritz a fine mist onto the body, pillow or bed linen as required.

Allow the mist to settle for a moment before you climb into bed and allow yourself to drift. 


▵ May be used in tandem with our Arms of Morpheus pulse-point botanical oil and sleepy tea for a strengthened approach.