Arms of Morpheus Aromatherapy Blend for Pulse Point application before bed

Relaxing Pulse-Point Botanical Oil

Calm. Soothe. Relax 

A potent, calm inducing formulation of nourishing herbal-infused oils and plant extracts to anoint the skin before sleep. 


Over the course of a solar month, we gently suffuse a poweful synergy of relaxation promoting organic herbs including Tasmanian hops, Valerian + Ashwagandha into a gentle base of Almond + Australian Jojoba oils, before strengthening with a selective blend of pure essential oils including Bergamot, Roman Chamomile + Vetiver root. 


The result is a heavenly aromatic blend that can be easily rolled over the skin and massaged over pulse points as part of your pre-sleep ritual, working to support efforts to quiet the mind and relax the body for a restful sleep. 

▿ May be used in tandem with our Arms of Morpheus Aromatic Pillow Mist or sleepy tea for a strengthened approach  


Ideal for shift workers, frequent travelers, students + those who experience nocturnal restlessness or difficulty settling before bed.




amber glass with stainless steel roller




Behind the name...

An allusion to the shape-shifting, dream weaving Greek god Morpheus, son of Hypnos, rulers of sleep + dreams. It was told, that when in the arms of Morpheus, people would enjoy the elusive peace of restful slumber

Arms of Morpheus . Pre-Sleep Aromatherapy Oil


Anoint pulse points, back of the neck + behind ear lobes and soles of the feet and gently massage in as part of your pre-sleep ritual


▿ not recommended for use during pregnancy