Absinthe Lip Treatment by Spiritwoods Botanicals Australia

Creamy Botanical Lip Conditioner 

nourish. hydrate. soften.

A moisturising combination of botanical oils including Argan, organic Hemp seed + Jojoba, infused over the course of a solar month with the vibrant healing herbs of plantain, yarrow + calendula petals to deliver nourishing care for a smooth pout. 

Enhanced with a proprietary subtle combination of aromatic essential oils reminiscent of an evening encounter with The Green Fairy. 





Behind the name...
The Green Fairy is the English translation of La Fee Verte, the affectionate French nickname given to the celebrated absinthe drink in the nineteenth century. The nickname lingers over a century later, and "absinthe" and "Green Fairy" continue to be used interchangeably by devotees; Le Fee/The Fairy being a metaphorical concept of transformation, artistic enlightenment and exploration, of a changing social order

Absinthe Lip Treatment


Apply with a clean finger to lips as required